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    Common problems and solutions of GPS module

    Common problems and solutions of GPS module

    Most of the GPS modules need to be configured and set up during use, and the test process will also be affected by factors such as the external environment, so it is understandable to encounter problems. The following is a list of some common problems and solutions for wireless, hoping to help everyone.


    Common problems and solutions of GPS module

    1. What is the meaning of channel 20 of the GPS module?

    The GPS module has a channel number parameter, such as 20 channels, which means that the module can establish communication with 20 satellites at the same time. 3 satellites are 2D positioning, and the data is unstable. The module can only receive signals from more than 3 satellites at the same time. The correct positioning data can only be obtained after complex calculations. If the number of satellites communicating at the same time is more, the module can obtain positioning data faster and more accurately. In general urban environments on the earth’s surface, it can usually communicate with 4 to 11 satellites at the same time. satellites communicate simultaneously.


    2. Why does the GPS module take a long time to obtain positioning data after it is turned on?

    The GPS module has two parameters of cold start and hot start. If the GPS module is powered on for the first time, or when it is powered on after moving more than 1000 kilometers, the module needs to recalculate the ephemeris data, which generally takes 1 to 5 minutes, and then stores the ephemeris data in the Inside the module, the data is saved by the lithium battery inside the module. This is called a cold start and it takes a long time. If you turn on the next time, because the lithium battery has saved effective ephemeris data, it can quickly locate, usually within 30 seconds, so it is called a hot start. Booting is also equivalent to a cold start.


    3. What should I do if it fails to cold start and locate for a long time?

    Only in rare cases, it will not be able to restart after 15 minutes. In this case, it is generally necessary to turn off the power of the GPS module and restart it or check whether the GPS is reversed.


    4. The satellite signal cannot be found or the signal reception is slow

    ① Don't worry if you encounter this situation, try again at another location. The GPS module works by directly receiving satellite signals. It may be that other objects block the signal, and the satellite signal can be received outdoors in the open space. Indoors may affect the signal check and reduce the accuracy.

    ② Also check the antenna to see if the antenna is in good contact and whether the environment is relatively open.

    ③The operation of the GPS module is directly related to the number of satellites received and the strength of the signal. Since the status of the satellites varies every day, there may be errors in the signal.

    ④ In the system application, if there is a high-power transmission, it will interfere with the reception of satellite signals.

    ⑤The harmonic point of the wireless signal is just on the frequency of GPS or Beidou, which will also interfere with the reception of satellite signals.

    (Beitian BE-250 module)

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