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    GPS module introduction

    GPS module introduction

    The GPS module is an electronic product used to receive satellite data navigation system signals and measure the position. It can give accurate digital clock and location information to related equipment.

    1. What does the GPS module mean?

    GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System, which is a positioning and navigation technology developed by the US government. A GPS module is a hardware device that can receive GPS signals, and generally consists of a wireless antenna, a receiver chip, and a CPU.

    2. Working principle of GPS module

    The GPS module determines the current position by receiving special signals from several communication satellites, which include information such as the position of the communication satellites and the current time. After receiving the signal, the receiver processing chip in the GPS module can calculate its own latitude and longitude, layer and altitude and other information through triangulation. After calculating the location information, the GPS module will exchange this data into an easy-to-read format for export.

    3. GPS module circuit schematic diagram

    The circuit diagram of the GPS module generally consists of a wireless antenna, a low-noise amplifier (LNA), a transceiver (RF), a receiver processing chip, and a CPU. The circuit schematic design is very important, because it directly affects the sensitivity, accuracy level and functional loss of the GPS module.


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