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    What are the applications of GPS?

    What are the applications of GPS?

    GPS application


    ●GPS has fully demonstrated its leading position in the field of navigation and positioning since its inception, and many fields have undergone subversive changes because of the birth of GPS. At this stage, basically all navigation and positioning users in the world have been deeply attracted by GPS's high precision, all-weather, global coverage, convenience and flexibility, and high quality and low price. After more than ten years of use instructions in various fields in our country, the broad masses of the people have given unanimous praise and trust to GPS.


    ●The excellent military application of GPS is self-evident. With the support of GPS, not only the hit rate of various missiles has been greatly improved, but also combat personnel can accurately launch and retrieve quickly.


    ●In the civilian field, the application of GPS can be mainly divided into the following three aspects according to its function.


    (1) GPS can locate and navigate objects located in various aspects of the sea, land and air, including ocean-going international navigation of ships and port diversion channels, independent navigation of cars, and airport channel guidance and landing. At this stage, GPS navigation appears to be larger on the app store on the ground. For example, the most important technology in various road vehicle tracking and urban intelligent transportation systems is GPS positioning; after children and pets are hung with an electronic device embedded with a GPS chip, parents can know his location at any time; The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States has required mobile communication technology service providers to provide E911 service items in the future, allowing GPS chips to be configured on mobile phones. When a customer calls a mobile phone for emergency help, the mobile phone will automatically broadcast the user's location, which is convenient for timely rescue; the close combination of GPS and online map makes personal communication terminal devices flourish.


    (2) GPS can correct time and frequency for power engineering, electric power and communication application systems, including synchronous time, accurate time calibration and precise frequency calibration. For example, the synchronization time generated by GPS can be used to determine the common fault location in the power line and assist in the transient process experiment of the relay protection device. A1, in the code division multiple access (CDMA) communication system, different CDMA The time length between communication base stations is strictly synchronized, and GPS is an economical and effective solution. GPS clock has become an important component in CDMA communication base stations.


    (3) GPS can be applied to various high-precision measurement tasks such as geodetic surveying, plate movement detection, construction engineering surveying, engineering project deformation monitoring, and resource exploration. For example, installing a GNSS receiver on a highway bridge can be used to accurately measure the deformation of the highway bridge when a car passes by; placing a GNSS receiver in a volcanic area can be used to monitor the activity of active volcanoes; The antenna method can be used to test the variation of the inclination of the embankment; the use of GPS can realize high-automation precision agriculture that can be cultivated day and night.

    (Beitian GNSS receiver BT-200B)

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