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    Shenzhen Beitian Communication Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is an original manufacturer of GPS Beidou positioning module and antenna integrating R&D, production and sales. The company is located in Guangdong, with offices and production sites in Shenzhen and Dongguan, covering an area of about 6000 square meters.
    The products developed and operated by the company include GNSS antenna, GNSS module, board card, GNSS receiver, Beidou module, G-MOUSE and GPS receiver; 4G, 5G, WIFI combination antenna, RDSS Beidou short message communication antenna and other products. The positioning accuracy of Beidou navigation satellite covers meter level, sub meter level, centimeter level and millimeter level. The products are widely used in driving test, lawn mower, UAV, precision agriculture, automatic driving, surveying and mapping, deformation monitoring, navigation time service and other fields.
    At present, the company has more than 150 people, including about 30 people in the R&D technology department, and has a strong R&D team. The company's instruments and equipment include microwave darkroom, network analyzer, analog signal generator, GPS integrated tester, noise meter, spectrum analyzer, SMT mounter, high and low temperature cabinet, salt spray tester, vibration table, etc. Many equipment have laid a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development, technological innovation, product research and development, and attentive service.
    The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, GJB national military standard, high-tech enterprises, IATF16949 and obtained many certificates. The strategic cooperation has a number of elite partners in the industry, such as Huace Navigation, Sinan Navigation and Feina Jingwei. As the initiator of the Low Speed Unmanned Driving Industry Alliance, our company has strong strength and occupies a leading position in the Beidou navigation market. The company organizes production and management in strict accordance with various requirements, and will strive to provide customers with products with stable performance and satisfactory services.