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    About RTK, some influencing factors we need to understand

    About RTK, some influencing factors we need to understand

    RTK technology, that is, carrier phase difference technology, is abbreviated from Real-timekinematic, which means real-time dynamic difference. In the GPS/RTK + antenna fusion positioning system, RTK technology is mainly used in chemical industry, construction sites, hospitals, welfare homes and other industrial scenarios to provide high-precision positioning services. In this article, we mainly understand some factors that affect the mobile station entering the RTK state.



    1. Factors affecting satellite sharing

    The common influencing factors mainly come from the following three points: 1. Atmospheric factors, such as the huge difference in weather between the fixed station and the mobile station; 2. Electromagnetic interference, such as the mobile station is close to strong interference sources such as high-voltage electricity during its movement; 3. Geographic environment, such as the mobile station is close to tall buildings, windbreak forests, and large areas of water during its movement.


    2. Influencing factors of RTCM differential data

    Common influencing factors in this regard are: 1. Distance factor, the farther the distance, the weaker the broadcast signal strength and the worse the positioning accuracy; 2. Electromagnetic interference, the greater the interference, the smaller the broadcast range and effective range; 3. Geographical environment, environment The more complex (not open), the greater the impact on RTCM differential data.


    Global Positioning System (Global Positioning System , GPS) is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on artificial earth satellites. It is widely used in many industries such as transportation and surveying and mapping. However, the positioning accuracy of ordinary GPS is greater than 1 meter, and there is a 50% probability that the signal error will reach more than 2 meters. This accuracy is far from meeting the requirements in the application of smart parking. RTK technology, as a kind of differential GPS with relatively high accuracy, can meet higher positioning requirements.

    (Beitian RTK series high precision module BT-F9PK8)

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