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    Beidou GNSS high-precision products will fully replace various geographical sensors in traditional driving test examination rooms

    Beidou GNSS high-precision products will fully replace various geographical sensors in traditional driving test examination rooms

    High-precision products mainly use Beidou/GNSS high-precision positioning to replace various buried sensors in the traditional driving test test room to help the test room optimize the automatic judgment of the driver's license test (whether the vehicle is on the line, whether it is parked at a designated location, etc. test items), application After the driving test system, the driving test system has changed from manual judgment to intelligent judgment. The judgment accuracy is high, which can ensure the fairness and justice of the test to a certain extent, greatly reduce the manpower and material cost of the driving test, and solve the investment cost in the traditional way High disadvantage.


    In recent years, in order to improve the quality of the driving test and ensure fairness and justice, the Ministry of Public Security has issued Order No. 91, Order No. 111, Order No. 123 and other related technical specifications, which put forward requirements for improvement of the driving test system and standards. In accordance with the principle of "simple and practical, accurate and reliable", many driving test system integrators have developed intelligent special test systems based on GVSS products such as Tools II, Kexian III, etc., and the positioning accuracy can reach Im. While achieving sophisticated evaluation, this The system also almost completely replaces all kinds of buried sensors in the field, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of field maintenance in the later stage, and improving the construction efficiency of examination or training fields. In addition, the popularization and application of this intelligent test system will realize the transformation of motor vehicle driver test work from manual operation to computer management, which improves the transparency of test work, reduces human factors, and embodies the principles of openness, fairness and fairness.


    With the promotion and application of the GNSS driving test system, the driving school training system must also be upgraded to meet the needs of the driving test. In fact, comparatively speaking, the application of the driving training system is more extensive and the market is larger. Therefore, the introduction of smart The driving training system has a wide range of social and economic benefits.


    The global satellite positioning system can realize real-time high-precision positioning. Its real-time positioning accuracy can reach ± ​​1cm, and the real-time data output frequency can reach up to 201. It is an ideal choice for large-scale high-precision real-time positioning. The GNSS positioning system consists of a GNSS base station, a GNSS mobile station, and a wireless data transmission station. The system has the following advantages:

    1. All-weather operation: It is not affected by factors such as rain, snow, heavy weather and light conditions, and can operate 24 hours a day.

    2. There is no need for communication between the vehicle-mounted mobile station and the base station, which greatly increases the flexibility of the system application.

    3. The vehicle-mounted GNSS equipment and the reference station use wireless data transmission radio stations to communicate, and the coverage range can reach a radius of more than 10 kilometers. The data transmission is stable, reliable and confidential.

    4. High positioning accuracy and real-time performance, the positioning accuracy is ± 1cm, the RTK positioning output frequency can reach 10Hz, and the original data can reach 20Hz.



    1. RTK complete machine products


    It has been well integrated and can be directly applied, shortening the development cycle.


    The volume has been finalized and cannot be modified arbitrarily, which is inconvenient for further integration.

    c) The cost is relatively high.

    (Beitian Beitian four-star multi-frequency measurement antenna BT-300)


    CNSS board


    It is necessary to design the backplane by itself for integration, and the development cycle is relatively long.


    The board is small in size, which is convenient for unified integration with other devices.


    The cost is lower.

    If you want to know more RTK products, you can pay attention to the store on Shenzhen North Antenna.


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