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    GNSS receiver is a high-precision instrument, because it often needs to work outdoors and must be exposed to the sun and rain. And you must pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, so that the equipment can be used for a longer time. The following maintenance methods are very good, and you can refer to them.

    (Beitian Beitian High Precision GNSS Receiver BT-B258)
    GNSS receiver maintenance methods:

      1. If you do not need to use the GNSS receiver for a long time, you must take out the battery and keep it well. The RTK instrument should be placed in the instrument box and cannot be piled up with other sundries to prevent damage to the GNSS receiver.

      2. The instrument should be stored in a clean and ventilated environment, and special attention should be paid to the anti-fouling, anti-rust treatment and anti-seismic treatment of the instrument to prevent the GNSS receiver from being corroded.

      3. RTK instruments should avoid production workshops with vibration equipment or areas with flammable and explosive materials.

      4. The instrument cannot be placed directly on the ground, it is best placed in a solid wood cabinet or on a cabinet.

    GNSS receiver workstation maintenance:

    (1) The reference station should be specially stored. During the operation period, preventive measures such as earthquake resistance, waterproof, waterproof and rainproof, sunscreen isolation, wind resistance, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and electromagnetic radiation protection should be taken. Do not turn on the receiver of the reference station. Top cover, destroy the sealing ring, otherwise waterproof, anti-fouling and corrosion resistance will be difficult to guarantee, the light ones will reduce the service life of the equipment, and the more serious ones will damage the equipment.

    (2) The connectors and power connectors of the receiving equipment should be kept clean, and the cables should not be twisted, dragged or crushed on the ground.

    (3) Before starting, it should be checked that the positive and negative poles of the battery should be properly connected, and the working voltage should be normal before monitoring.

    (4) When the reference station accepts equipment to be placed on the roof, high-level or other equipment items, structural reinforcement measures should be taken, and wind resistance and lightning protection should be taken when working in strong wind and lightning weather.

    (5) When the reference station is not in use or after the reference station is fully charged, pay attention to cover the charging socket cover tightly to prevent debris such as dust or electrical conductors from entering the socket during pile foundation construction and damaging the rechargeable battery.

    (Beitian Beitian High Precision GNSS Receiver BT-B244)

    The above is the maintenance method of GNSS receiver shared by Beitian, hoping to help everyone. Shenzhen Beitian Communication Co., Ltd. is an experienced security monitoring instrument supplier and solution service provider in China. Our company's main products include: inspection of highway bridges, slope protection, tunnel construction, roadbed engineering, dams and other construction projects. Interested partners are welcome to call.

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