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    GPS module application

    GPS module application

    According to the basic functions of the GPS module, the application of the GPS module is divided into three categories, each of which is positioning type, navigation type and timing type.

    Positioning type:

      1. The low-energy GPS module can be applied to the field of smart wearable equipment, such as outdoor watches, children's smart watches, elderly watches and pet locators, etc.;

      2. Use GPS service smartphones, tablets, PNDs, DVRs, etc.;

      3. The GPS module is used in the fields of various portable devices such as industrial production PDAs, handheld devices, and law enforcement instruments;

      4. The GPS module is used in intelligent security fields such as network cameras and road lights;

      5. It is used in vehicle-mounted positioning terminal equipment and other facilities to provide real-time positioning information;

      6. The GPS module is used in surveying and mapping engineering equipment such as area measurement and distance measurement, which is commonly used in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and geological environment;

      7. The GPS module is used in the field of unmanned aircraft for precise positioning of unmanned aircraft;

    Navigation type:

      1. Vehicle-mounted navigation, such as school bus, bus, freight car, taxi tracking and positioning, etc., taking the bus application as an example, the intelligent bus system software based on the GPS module can realize automatic arrival reminder on time and real-time track query , alarm function, historical trajectory submission and trajectory playback, cross-border/overspeed alarm, specific driving route and driving time based on positioning information;

      2. Outdoor handheld navigation, such as power grids, communication base stations, geological surveys, travelers and other outdoor workers, need navigation services, and outdoor handhelds embedded with GPS modules and GPS maps can provide them with accurate positioning and navigation information.

    School time type:

      1. Communication satellite synchronous time calibration, generally used for power engineering, financial industry, communication, and communication base station synchronous time calibration;

      2. Traffic time adjustment, generally used for accurate time adjustment of expressway induction lights and traffic lights.



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