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    The principle and function of Beidou short message

    The principle and function of Beidou short message

    The basic principle of Beidou short message

    The process of satellite communication is: user machine A sends a short message to the communication satellite, and then sends it to user machine B after transferring through the communication satellite.

    The satellite communication system is similar to the mobile phone communication system. A on the mobile phone can only send information to B on the mobile phone through the transfer of the communication base station.


    The Beidou short message is most widely used at this stage and should belong to the geological disaster monitoring industry. At present, most bridges, slope protection, dams, mining and other places prone to natural disasters are equipped with high-precision displacement monitoring systems based on Beidou positioning, and most of their communication methods are also wireless based on 4g5g signals. Network transmission, transmit them or early warning reminders to the network information center, and the network information center sends them to the relevant staff. The Beidou short message service project can transmit early warning reminders to users through satellite communications when there is no 4G transmission data signal.

    (Beitian Beitian Short Message Antenna BT-B039)

    The role of Beidou short message

    The Beidou short message communication function may not be beneficial to people in daily life, but in the harsh environment where there is no moving subway signal, the Beidou short message communication function is particularly important. For example, in areas such as deep sea, desert and outdoors where there is no communication and Internet, or in industries such as national defense security, benefiting the people and emergency rescue, it has extremely strong practical value.


    Especially when the mobile communication in the disaster-stricken area is interrupted, the power supply is interrupted, or the mobile communication technology cannot cover the Beidou terminal equipment, SMS can be used for communication, location information and remote sensing information. Beidou short messages should be used for emergency rescue, field work, and offshore operation systems. During the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, the rescue troops who entered the high-incidence area used 120-character English short messages to reach communication blind spots, establish contact with the outside world, and report natural disasters for the headquarters to make immediate decisions. my country insists on developing its own Beidou navigation and positioning system, which can not only use Beidou short messages in disaster relief, but also monitor the location of natural disasters based on the satellite navigation system and carry out immediate rescue.

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