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    Four common GPS Beidou positioning module problems and solutions

    Four common GPS Beidou positioning module problems and solutions

       Most of the GPS Beidou positioning module applications must be configured and set, so it is understandable that there are problems related to the application. The following are some common application problems and solutions:


      1. No signal can be found at home or in some places. The GPS positioning module works by receiving communication satellite signals in real time. There may be other objects blocking the signal. You can go to open outdoors to receive communication satellite signals, and the room may affect it. to signal reception, reducing accuracy;


    (Beitian tenth generation GPS module BE-220)

    2. The positioning information is wrong. In this case, you must first understand the civilian version of the GPS positioning system. The normal plane positioning deviation is within 10-20 meters. Beidou positioning system software version 2.0 can improve the positioning accuracy of civilian mobile phones To 1.2 meters, the accuracy of the common GPS Beidou positioning module, horizontal positioning accuracy: 2.5m, relative height positioning accuracy: 3.5m, speed positioning accuracy: 0.1m/s, two sets of positioning systems will more or less suffer from factors such as temperature Affects reduce accuracy, GPS will also be affected by various factors such as current policies, and sometimes there will be greater errors.


      In addition, the machine equipped with the GPS positioning module is in a state of motion, which may cause delays and deviations due to poor signal, and may also be caused by occasional errors in map information. Therefore, it is unreasonable to say that the positioning is not accurate. The positioning information is in the It is theoretically accurate within the accuracy range. If the accuracy error is large, you can try to change the position and relocate, and receive multiple satellite signals to improve its accuracy;

    (Beitian Beitian GPS module BT-M099)

     3. The communication satellite signal star cannot be found or the signal reception is slow. Don’t worry if you encounter this situation. Try changing the location. You also need to check the antenna to check whether the antenna connection is in good condition and whether the natural environment it belongs to is relatively wide. The positioning information can only be obtained after the GPS device moves outdoors, and the positioning status obtained indoors is 0.


      The operation of the GPS Beidou positioning module has a lot to do with the number of communication satellites received and the signal level, because the situation of communication satellites is different every day, and the signal may be deviated;


           4. When multiple devices are used on the 485 bus, the address of each device cannot be the same, and the broadcast address 254 cannot be used for communication.

    (Beitian Beitian GPS module BT-M002)

    The broadcast address can be used when there is only one product on the bus. When there is more than one product, it should be adjusted with the DIP switch to distinguish the specific address, otherwise the command cannot be properly executed because the module cannot synchronize the communication data analysis.


      The GPS positioning module is used in a wide range of industries, such as ship positioning, electronic fences, agriculture and animal husbandry, transportation, logistics, etc., which are single-function but widely-used devices and play a role in various fields.


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