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    How to use the GPS positioning module correctly?

    How to use the GPS positioning module correctly?

    The GPS module basically needs to be configured and set during the use process. During the experiment, it will be affected by various factors such as environmental factors, so it is understandable to encounter difficulties. Below are some common problems and solutions, hoping to help you.

                                                                    (Beitian GPS module BS-880)

    1. Why does the GPS module take a long time to obtain positioning data after it is turned on?

    The GPS module has two main parameters: cold start and hot start. If the GPS module is plugged in for the first time, or plugged in after moving more than 1,000 kilometers, the module needs to recalculate the ephemeris data, which generally takes 1 to 5 minutes, and then save the ephemeris data inside the module. The data is stored by the lithium-ion battery inside the module. This is called a cold start, and it takes a long time to complete. If the module is turned on next time, because the lithium-ion battery has already retained the high-efficiency ephemeris data, it can quickly locate, usually within 30 seconds, which is also called a hot start. If the module is powered off for more than 10 hours, the lithium battery is fully discharged, so turning it on again is equivalent to a cold start.

    2. What should I do if there is a long-term cold start and positioning failure?

    Only under very rare conditions will it be unable to cold start for more than 15 minutes. At this time, it is generally only necessary to turn off the power of the GPS module and then turn it on again or check whether the GPS is reversed.

    3. The satellite signal cannot be found or the data signal reception is slow

    ① Don't worry if you encounter this situation, try another place. The GPS module works by receiving satellite signals. There may be other objects blocking the data signals. You can go to open outdoors to receive satellite signals. In the room, the data signal query may be affected and the accuracy will be reduced.

    ② You also need to check the antenna to see if the antenna is in good contact and whether the surrounding environment is relatively spacious.

    ③The operation of the GPS module has a lot to do with the number of received communication satellites and the level of data signals, because the situation of communication satellites is different every day, and the data signals may be deviated.

    ④ In the system application, if there is a high-power transmission, it will seriously affect the reception of satellite signals.

    ⑤The harmonic current point of the network signal happens to be on the frequency of the GPS or Beidou system, which will also affect the reception of satellite signals.

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