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    The seven application scenarios of GPS module and BeiDou module

    The seven application scenarios of GPS module and BeiDou module

     The GNSS positioning modules designed and developed by Beitian are divided into GPS module, GNSS module and BeiDou module according to the receiver type, in which GPS module is only applicable to GPS single system software alone positioning, while BeiDou module is applicable to multi-system cooperative positioning and also supports single system software alone positioning; according to the GNSS positioning module application scenarios are divided into positioning navigation bar module and calibration module. This Beitian Beitian I simple to introduce to you the GPS module, BeiDou module of the seven application scenarios.


    Intelligent transportation: the use of satellite timing in intelligent transportation, traffic light calibration and road light calibration;

    Smart security: surveillance cameras, positioning trackers and law enforcement instruments in smart security can be connected to intelligent management systems under the premise of GPS module and Beidou module to improve positioning accuracy and timeliness of prevention and control.

    Intelligent agriculture: Intelligent agriculture in intelligent stocking, mu meter can use GPS module, Beidou module large meter level positioning precision to improve efficiency.

    Car networking platform: vehicle positioning in the car networking platform, T-Box, ADAS, DSM, car car multimedia, driving recorder, positioning tracker and its vehicle navigation system in the positioning navigation applications to meet the car navigation, anti-theft system, emergency help and emergency rescue, cluster scheduling, vehicle management and other business needs.

    Communication network: communication base stations, electric power engineering, communication field in the use of calibration time, high precision calibration time module can provide accurate satellite timing, and achieve the same level and efficiency operation.

    Judicial industry: According to the GPS module, Beidou module positioning watches and law enforcement instruments can monitor staff positioning information in real time, and help promote the accuracy and rationality of judicial industry audits.


    The above is about Beitian high performance GNSS positioning module GPS module, BeiDou module five common application scenarios, have more other positioning module, time module business needs of technical personnel and procurement can directly poke the right online customer service, support custom development Oh!


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