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    How do standalone GPS modules communicate?

    How do standalone GPS modules communicate?

    The GPS positioning module is also called the GPS receiving module. The independent GPS receiving module does not have a communication function. It only retrieves the current signal, and then receives the broadcast signal (ephemera) of the GPS communication satellite, and obtains the GPS module and the communication satellite through calculation. According to the triangular positioning, the geographic coordinate information of the GPS module at this stage is determined and then the positioning is performed.

                                      (Beitian GPS module BE-220)

    Because the function of the GPS positioning module is relatively simple, the following methods can be used to realize the mutual communication between the GPS modules:

    (1) Wired connection, the GPS positioning module can export the positioning data through serial port communication (URAT/USB/RS232, etc.), and then complete the mutual communication function between the two GPS modules.

    (2) Wireless network connection, after wired connection with the GPS positioning module, the positioning data is sent out by wireless network communication methods (broadcasting stations, 2G, 3G, 4G, mobile phone Bluetooth and its NBLOT, etc.), and then complete mutual communication with another GPS module communication.

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