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    How to activate the GPS locator

    How to activate the GPS locator

    Everyone must have a doubt about the GPS tracker, that is, how to activate and use it. Today, let us introduce the basic knowledge of it to you. Next, let us take a look together!

                                                                   (Beitian Beitian GPS module BD-357) 

     1. The activation forms of the GPS positioning terminal are:

      1. Install the SIM card for the locator;

      2. Fully charge the locator/or connect the power plug so that the locator has power and can be turned on;

      3. Take the car or the tracker out of the outdoor driving for a period of time, and the tracker can be activated for use;

      2. The operation method of installing the SIM card in the locator is as follows:

      1. Open the back cover of the tracker or the SIM card slot plug of the tracker;

      2. Assemble the SIM card according to the photo of the card installed in the positioning machine;

      3. Close the back cover or slot plug;

      3. Positioner plug-in operation mode:

      1. Wiring locator: As long as we look for the positive and negative poles of the vehicle power supply, the negative pole is very easy to find. The place where the car body is grounded is the negative pole. The positive pole is found in the fuse box, near the car key switch or directly received on the battery; also You can ask the relevant professional and technical personnel.

      2. Installation-free locator: Connect the data cable of the locator to the locator and power it on. When the locator is fully charged, the charging indicator of the locator will stop flashing.

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