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    Is the navigation GPS antenna the same function as the GPS module?

    Is the navigation GPS antenna the same function as the GPS module?

    There are built-in GPS antennas and external ones. For example, the GPS antenna of a mobile phone is built-in.

                                                              (Beitian GPS Antenna BT-4910)

    You didn’t see an antenna hanging in the mobile phone, right? Some mobile phones also support an external GPS antenna, because there is an antenna jack on the mobile phone.

    There are built-in and external GPS modules. The GPS module of the mobile phone is built-in. Some devices do not have a GPS module, but an external GPS module can be used to achieve the satellite search function. Relatively speaking, the characteristics of the built-in GPS module will be slightly weaker than that of the external GPS module.

    The simple point of the GPS module is very consistent with the computer system. The effect it forms is the information it stores instructs it to operate. The chip refers to its hardware configuration such as CPU. The chipset means to connect all the hardware in this CPU that affects the characteristics of the CPU. Therefore, the difference between a module and a chip is that a module is a hardware that contains information itself, while a chip converts the information sent by the module and then transmits it to the module for the module to identify before performing the operation of the relevant command.

    The difference between a chip and a chipset is that one is the main central nervous system, and the other is that the chip that assists it is a main control hardware included in the chipset.


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