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    What to do if the GPS signal is poor

    What to do if the GPS signal is poor

                                                                   ( Beitian GPS module BE-220)

    1. It may be that the version number of the downloaded software navigation is very low. If it has not been updated for a long time, the signal may be weak. At this time, a better solution is to upgrade the navigation software.

    2. It may also be caused by the problem of the car owner's mobile phone. If the built-in GPS module on the mobile phone receives a poor signal level, this will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the mobile phone with a new one.

    3. Check whether the relevant management permissions are set. In the security and privacy location service, set "Allow Browsing" to always.

    4. The reason of the location, this situation is relatively common, such as high-rise buildings, concentrated houses, roofs, and walls, all of which will affect the reception of GPS signals. It is recommended that you turn on the WLAN function, or move to an open place. Tunnel construction, viaducts, and mountainous areas and other areas with severe occlusion or fast-moving scenes generally have weaker signals. Generally, the GPS signal can be repaired if you get rid of this area. If the GPS signal has been relatively poor, it is recommended that you try to shut down and restart.

    5. Check whether the network is unstable. When the Internet is weak, it will also affect the signal. In order to prevent this situation, you can download the offline map in advance.

    6. Influencing factors such as magnetic attraction, metal mobile phone case, magnetic support frame, etc., metal materials or permanent magnetic materials will have a certain impact and isolation on the GPS signal and affect the reception of the signal. If you use a metal protective cover, magnetic protective cover, magnetic support frame or magnetic suction cup, it is recommended that you take it out and reposition it. For example: the center console of the car, it is recommended that you change the place and move the mobile phone to the side of the window glass for positioning.

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